Yoga first time nerves

Tomorrow I am having my very first Yoga class in a bid to allow my foot to repair but to still get back into the gym and focus myself on losing the weight and getting healthier.

I have my new shiny yoga mat with matching water bottle, the clothes I am wearing are all laid out ready and I have a level of excitement that I know means this is a good thing to do and perhaps if the foot holds up then I can progress to Pilates in a few days too.

Spending some time this morning looking more into yoga there are a few nerves that are coming up as I am not the most flexible of people and learning something new that I have no idea how it is going to feel before, during and after.

I find that even visiting the gym makes me want to eat healthier and I know this is not going to be the most calorifically burning workout but the fact that I can get there and do something is such a positive step forward into achieving my goal of losing 100 pounds by the end of the year.


Baking for other people

20150121_133949000_iOSThere is nothing really that compares to the smell of an oat and raisin cookie warm from the oven to make the tummy rumble.

The fact that this is the 4th batch that I have brought out of the oven in the last hour for my sons football match tomorrow is really being a test on the willpower that I am proud to be winning with this afternoon.

It is almost like a race against myself to how quickly I can get these little beauties mixed and on the tray as I have made them that often.

Tomorrow cant come quick enough to get these out of the house and into the waiting paws of the under 8’s who I am sure will have earned them in this freezing weather!

Flowers not food?

050215nikon 007

Having a poorly foot and preventing me post op from getting to the gym should have had my mindset in the ‘eat healthy whilst not exercising’ camp, but no, instead I decided to eat like it was bloody Christmas all over again resulting in me feeling so disappointed  in myself now and the fact that I have undone all of my hard work whilst feeling sorry for myself is something that I really do need to snap out of and so today am giving myself a huge kick up the butt.

I have spent this morning emptying the cupboards of any bad foods, even my kids don’t need to be eating this crap and took it all to the food bank collection, I have got to take it easy on my foot for the next couple of weeks and so have book yoga and Pilates classes for next week at the gym to get myself back into it again before I can have the go ahead to start pounding the cardio machines again.

I am determined to lose a good amount of weight before summer and I seem to have let the frustrations of an injury throw me off completely, tearing the ligament in my foot has to be one of the more painful things that I have done, and yes that includes two childbirths but what I find the most hurtful is how I myself have given up on all this hard work and instead of asking myself what the best situation can be for me i went into the depths of feeling sorry for myself instead.

Its behind me now, and even blogging this is making me feel a little better and making my put behind me the self pity and its time to get back in the game.

Time to buy flowers opposed to chocolate, they do last a whole lot longer!

Night time munchies

It’s Saturday night and the kids are at a sleepover, having a movie date night with Hubby and even though I had the greatest spaghetti bolognaise for dinner a few hours ago I am craving ice cream so bad.

The problem, how I am choosing to look at it is that we don’t have any and
A) it’s far too cold and snowing
B) I am far too comfy snuggled on the sofa with hubby
C) I am watching ‘Getaway’ and have a thing for Ethan Hawke!

Diet has won tonight due to my sheer laziness – irony perhaps!

Have a great weekend!!


Baking for others

I find myself so relaxed and chilled when baking.

As a chef and writer, being in the kitchen is a natural draw for me but baking is something I love and my family love even more.



I have decided that I like to know what it is that goes into my food and so making as much as I can from scratch is the key.

I have decided I would rather have a little of quality than lots of sun standard food and home made bread is for me something that it really is hard to beat, therefore I am going to be making my own wholemeal preservative and added artificial rubbish free, just yeast, flour and water with natural additions and I really would rather have less if it’s worth the taste!

Healthy eating is worth the effort!

Race against time

Since 5am this morning I don’t appear to have stopped for even a minute. With deadlines and meetings booked for most of the day and the battle of Friday traffic in these bad winds I just know it is going to be late before I get home and planning ahead to get some healthy food choices for me would have been a good choice.

I have 10 minutes before my next appointment in which to blog do apologies in advance for any swiftly written typos!

I spent quite a while last night before falling into bed making the kids and hubby’s packed lunch, making a healthy stew so everything was sorted for then for when they got in from school knowing I would not be back until late and in this time completely forgot to sort out food for myself, making a sandwich for me would have been such a good idea and yet all I thought of was making them for everyone else.

I think this is an example of what I have always done which is to put myself last and I think that is why I have kind of allowed myself to put on so much weight with just grabbing something for convenience opposed to making time to make something healthy. Something needs to change and preparation is where I need to focus more on if I am to meet my goals and lose the weight, service station sandwiches will be something of the past.


How can it be Thursday already?

Nikon 8012015 027

Another day and another visit to the gym.

I find that putting it into my filofax so that I have it as an appointment with myself that I make time to go and actually schedule things around it when ever possible.

I am feeling so good and kind of confident that the pounds are starting to come off, the temptation to get on the scales and have a look at what is happening really is strong but I am sticking to my rule of once a month and the fact that I have another 24 days to go until I am on the scales is a little daunting.

last night I made a delicious healthy veg packed chilli which I served poured on top of jacket potatoes, it was so delicious I really should have made a double amount so that I could have had it as something to look forward to in the freezer for another day, next time I will know better.

Tonight we are having chicken curry bake which is one of my kids favorites and as the weather here is so bad and windy and football training is on it will be good to keep us all warm before heading out in to the bitter cold.

I am something of a collector of all things stationary related, show me a notebook, pen or newly sharpened pencils and I am a gonner!

I have well over 200 pens in my collection and write in fountain pen most of the time, today I had a spare hour and so decided to give all the fountain pens a little clean, flushing out a dozen of them and they are something that I do take pride in and look after and use almost every day and it got me thinking that I should be doing that to myself, taking more care of me and hydrating with more water, keeping myself in top shape so that I am functioning well, a bit like my pen collection really, and so I have decided 3 litres of water a day is what I am going to strive for in a bid to make me work more efficiently from the inside as well as eating well and working out.

I cant believe how quickly this week is going and the fact that it is already Thursday is a little alarming as there is still so much that I want to fit into this week.

I am trying to post every day and still getting up at 5:30 to try and make this a reality of fitting everything else in.

24 more days then I shall see just how worthwhile all of these changes are and what effect it has had on me, exciting times!